Kit I

Kit I

Silicone Kits

These small silicone strips allow you to customize Micro Cassette models by easily slipping the silicone markers into the slot on the cassette. Kits contain 12 pieces: three pieces of each of our four colors.

Micro Cassette Marker

The different colored silicone parts allow for versatility and customization according to your needs. They come in blue, orange, green or yellow. Our silicone kits are made from high grade, heat-resistant silicone that is quality control tested to withstand high temperatures during sterilization. They are compatible with common sterilization equipment.

Silicone strips easily attach into grooves on cassettes. They allow you to color code cassettes according to dentist or procedure.  Made from high grade silicone, all silicone parts are heat-resistant and can be placed in high-temperature sterilization equipment. Sterilization can take place by immersion in a disinfecting container (chemical or ultrasonic disinfection) or in an autoclave.