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The instrument cassettes have helped me considerably when it comes to the sterilization process. I used the vision+ M and the Classic M both of which are made of fairly good quality, with durable stainless steel and locking mechanisms that feel sturdy and hassle-free. Highly recommended to fellow dentists and hygienists.

Dr. Lisa Nicholls

I have used the dental sterilization cassettes for over a year now and they have to a large extent made things easier and more practical especially as we use the colored silicon strips to identify and better organize the cassettes according to instrument kit. In a typical busy week at the clinic I can say that it saves us quite some time and effort.

Dr. K Philips

The Clip tray M is ideal to hold instruments for specific use such as perio surgery or to hold micro surgical instruments.  It has an ideal size, light weight and the clip eliminates the need of a lid cover.  it gives excellent visual of all instruments inside.  It is also ideal to be used by hygienists as individual patient instrument packs.

Dr. Nicholas Busuttil Dougall

I find this cassette (Classic M) ideally made to hold my 'minor op' surgical instruments.  It holds all I need to raise a small flap, expose implants, remove small roots, do or remove some sutures etc.

Dr. Nicholas Busuttil Dougall