Instrument Cassettes – Tattoo Parlours

As a client of Dentalytec, you may select and utilize any or all of our Instrument Cassettes and Products  to further assist your Tattoo Parlour with Sterilization and arranging of tools whilst ensuring the highest level of hygiene and safety.

There are several methods of sterilizing your equipment. Many of those are straightforward, but attention to detail and having a strong work ethic is important when it comes to maintaining your equipment. You need to be very aware of the fact that you are the line of defense when it comes to spreading blood-borne diseases. This means doing it right every time you clean and sterilize.

Below is an example of the Sterilization Process and where & how Instrument Cassettes will ease and improve your Tattoo equipment & sterilization.

Here are three types of sterilization typically used within the tattoo community:


Steam is the most commonly used form of tattoo sterilization. It is relatively affordable to purchase a steam producing autoclave and very easy to maintain.

Autoclave built for using steam looks very similar to a pressure cooker.


Gas sterilization is typically used amongst the medical community due to the chemical ethylene oxide used in this type of procedure. That is not to say that it is not available to tattoo shop owners as it is.


These types of autoclaves are generally expensive — they generally range from eighteen hundred dollars to several thousand. This is a very quick and guaranteed way to sterilize your equipment. However, the start-up cost is high.

steam-autocalve-tattoo2Buy a chemical germicide that is recommended for use with tattoo equipment. Make sure the chemical is known to destroy bacteria and viruses that cause infections in humans.
Find a glass container, fill it in with the chemical and submerge your tattoo equipment completely.


The equipment needs to sit in the chemical for some time. Read the germicide’s instructions to learn how much time is required for your equipment to get clean. This mostly depends on the particular brand of chemical germicide you purchased.

chemical-dip-tattooBe sure to wear protective gloves and goggles when handling the chemical, and make sure to read the instructions carefully.

After the designated amount of time has passed, remove the tattoo equipment of the chemical bath and make sure to remove the equipment using sterile latex gloves, so that you avoid recontamination.


Dentalytec’s Instrument Cassettes can all be used in a chemical bath or container.One of the main advantages of using a Cassette, is that it lessens the risk of damage to your tools; your employees are protected from being pricked by a tool and your tools are neatly organised according to your preference.



Dentalytec’s Instrument Cassette Recommendations:

Micro Cassette:

For the smaller Instruments and needles.



Classic Instrument Cassette

Equal perforations to ensure thorough and even sterilization and cleaning of all Instruments.

Suitable for both Steam and Gas Autoclaves as well as Chemical baths or immersions.


Clip Tray Instrument Cassette

For the bulkier, odd shapes Instruments ensuring the tips or ends of Instruments are not damaged yet sterilized thoroughly.